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  Oh My God! Are You Talking to Me? (My Conversations with Jesus)
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Peniel's mission is to teach others The Truth.

This book, "Oh My God! Are You Talking to Me? (My Conversations with Jesus) Book 1" (ISBN # : 0-9580543-7-1) is the first in a series designed to do just that, teach others The Truth.


Just imagine... if you could speak casually with God... you could ask Him all of the questions that have puzzled (or haunted) you all of your life. This book is just that! It is a transcript of a young man’s casual conversations with God. This sound’s extraordinary, doesn’t it? Well, you’re right, it is... and then again it isn’t.  As Peniel (the young man who is speaking with God) puts it, “What is so extra—ordinary about a Father talking to one of his loved children?”

This is the sort of simple reasoning that abounds in this unusual and highly enlightening book. Pleas read it with an open mind—and perhaps you shall find what you really seek...

 Signed:     God


The paperback version is now available (published by Metropolis Ink Publishing)


Call for "Oh My God! Are You Talking to Me?"  at (405) 964-6436

Easy to remember toll-free number: "My Conversations With Jesus."

so call toll-free: 1-866-MCWJ 777 today! (That's 1-866-629-5777)



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